We strictly believe that maintaining good hygiene is as important as looking good. At eskai, we ensure that our products are carefully dry cleaned/sanitized and are germ-free.

As we care for our products, we care for your hygiene too. Once you return the product, it immediately undergoes the dry cleaning/sanitization process. Our dedicated Quality Assurance team ensures strong checks for cleanliness and quality before our products are available to rent. However, we discard the product when we feel it is no longer fit for use.

Clothes & Accessories

Upon receiving the item after any rental process, the product goes through a deep cleansing process leaving it bacterial free. Once sanitized, the product looks as good as new.

Steam Iron
We follow the cleaning process by the ironing process. It is gently steam ironed to get the wrinkles out to be ready for shipping.

Quality check
The garment undergoes a stringent quality check for loose threads and creases before it is packed for one more time.


Finally, an immaculate garment is ready to be shipped and is packed with love for your perfect day! Enjoy our services at es-kai.com

Updated Payment Terms & Conditions

Display Fees  
A. Casual Wear  — PAID every 3 months with maximum duration of 6 months.*25Egp for each product(If more than 10 = 20 LE/ item  & if more than 20 = 15 LE/item) 

B. Soiree Wear  — PAID every 6 months with maximum duration of 12 months.
*100 egp for each product


C. No display fees for scarfs/veils/belts/accessories.

  • ESKAI’s PROFIT: (After Purchase) 30% from the selling price