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First we would like to thank you for giving your items a second chance!

* We have an average of 3000 items, so the items are displayed in the main showroom and not on the website.
* Final Acceptance of products and final prices are set by us after inspection , but you’ll be notified of the final price before displaying for your approval.
* Make sure that your items are PERFECT CONDITION/CLEAN to avoid non penalty of non refundable display fees

Contact Info and Form Display Fees

  • We ONLY DISPLAY your items, and we DONT BUY them from you, our profit is 30% from the selling price

  • Display Fees is paid every 6 months with maximum duration of 12 months

  • *25Egp for each casual product (If more than 10 = 20 LE/ item & if more than 20 = 15 LE/item)

  • *100LE for each product *NO WEDDING DRESSES

  • No display fees for scarfs/veils/belts/accessories.

  • Tagamo'a Al Awl. New Cairo, Egypt

  • info@es-kai.com

  • +2 011 121 11988

  • +2 011 129888127